Mini Fan Shroud Mod

I was thinking of trying to mod the Aerostruder fan shroud on my stock Mini. Before I venture down that avenue, has anyone already made a modified one they want to share? (STL)? It may be too much to modify and rather a new design is necessary… I’ve seen others that use dual fans etc, but I’d like to find a way to channel a air around 4 sides using a single fan. Here’s a pic for reference:

This is actually something on my to do list. I’ve been annoyed at some of print quality because it lacks cooling on the left side. Haven’t started yet as I’m so busy nowadays. If you tackle this, keep me updated.

You would to replace thosr fans for the blower style fan and crimp some new wires into the toolhead headers. Not much clearance on rear side and be careful about autoleveling and nozzle wiping

Also remember that the right Z guide is cut out to clear the current fan setup. So you might have to place the radial fan on the front of the extruder, right where the cold end fan is now or redesign the Z/X carriage…