my take on a taz 5

hi new to this forum.
my name is Paul and I’m from the uk. I work for a wiring harness company making harnesses for the construction trade. we have sister companies in the states and they use taz 5 printers so as a result we in the uk bought our own to use in helping us create bespoke prints for jig boards when building harnesses.
I myself used to have a cheap Chinese prusa i3 standard setup nothing special. but since being able to play with a taz printer ive wanted one so using the one at work and my own ive created a clone as close to the original taz as possible.
I sourced some of the metal parts from china, the lead screws came from a very helpful person Jamie leben @ it-works I could not recommend this company enough ! the stepper motors are out of my prusa i3 along with the mother board and lcd display.
not wanting to jump to much into renaming this along the lines of a taz variation I decided to call mine Kvasir which is the norse god of creativity rather a fitting name I think.
the main board is a mks base v1.4

Very nice! Prints well I assume?

its not bad theres obviously room for improvement as soon as I get a print from this I will post the results.