New Budaschnozzle!

Good thing I got the nozzle! The 1.75 clogged and one other the thermistor wires snapped. I think it was already on its way out. So now is the time to switch the nozzle and try the 3.00mm rebuilt. I will rebuilt the 1.75 and get that back operational. I am also building a Prusa I3. I have all the parts and with the bettet software and all the knowledge I have acquired as of late I might as well. I can learn a lot more and be better at printing all around. I already know my way around code somewhat just not ruby but it doesn’t seem to complicated. Getting that bleeding by the top of the tip so have to address that while I am at it. Not a hard fix at all.

Hey that new/used nozzle coupled with the Lulzbot settings and one tweak to the multiplier and awesome print!