New Cleaning Filament Suggestions

Hello everyone,

I have been helping a friend of mine who is new to 3D printing and brought up cleaning filament. When I went to check out what I bought from Lulzbot years ago, I saw the eSun variation has been discontinued.

So this got me thinking, what are some good alternatives? Especially since I think his head is a 1.75mm

Here is one source for both 1.75mm and 3mm cleaning filament:

Amazon had listings for both eSun sizes but both were listed as unavailable.

Amazon did have a listing for NovaMaker in a 1.75 version:


Great source thanks for the links, I’ve seen more on eBay.

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Have to wonder if it’s just backordered cause of supply issues (since COVID-19 has been effecting warehouse around the globe). Stuff works great so I hope it comes back in stock