New Lightbars for Taz

I finally got around to uploading my new lightbar version. You can find it here: . This one includes some shorter bars for use with smaller printers as well.

also some new pictures of the bottom wire covers

More pictures

Now that the Cello is off getting strung, I’ve been working on getting the rest of the projects for the second Taz done. Next up on the list:

  1. LCD module for the Raspberry Pi and Camera mount
  2. Finsih the fillament sensor mounts
  3. Install the new magnetic position encoding strips and sensors
  4. Finish the bed conveyor and test it. The motor mount is done, I need to test the electricals next and then figure out the braking system

It’s getting there!

Looks nice!
I’ve finally gotten back to working on my TAZ again. I’m down to finishing up the additional wiring, so this is great timing.
Thanks for the shorter ones too. I keep thinking of adding some lighting to my Mini too.

You’re welcome! Let me know if the shorter lengths work for what you need there, or if it needs a different mount.

These sound interesting. Would you mind elaborating on what these projects entail?

Sure! The LCD module and camera is just going to be an extension of my raspberry pi bumpout lid modification for the taz 3 case, which will allow the LCD to sit in front of the case at the bottom below the main printer LCD, and run the PI camera up to the upper gantry corner so it can see the bed.
The magnetic position linear encoders connect in via the I2C bus. They basically report bed and X axis position to the printer by running a magnetic sensor along a permanent magnet strip, allowing the printer to self correct. The firmware modifications already exist, I just need to implement them and make sure they aren’t on the same channel as my status light module. The bed indicator will mount under the bed, the X axis will mount under the front or back plate, depending on where it fits.
The bed conveyor is basically a slow rotating 24 volt motor attached to a limit switch. When the bed moves all the way forward, it hits the switch, turns on the motor and engages the gear, which moves the belt forward and causes the part to fall off. There will be a spring actuated brake to hold the conveyor belt stationary when not ejecting parts.

Is there an easy way to attach the 12 LED lead to the power outlet inside of my TAZ6 ? i don’t want to add another external power source… thx!
And… awesome work, i can’t understand why the TAZ has no build in LEDs…

To attach 12V led’s to the 24v power system in the control box, you would need to either use a 24v to 12v “buck converter” to step down the voltage, which works well, or go with 24v LED’s. There is no direct 12V output on a Rambo board. On my main Taz I ended up going with a separate power supply. The new secondary one in the pictures uses 24V LED’s, and they seem to work just fine so far.

thx, i did a quick research, looks that 24v LEDs are out of stock at banggood. So i will go with an 12v pololu step-down and 12v LEDs. The question is, does the internal power-supply deliver enough Amps? Also do you have a tip how to identify the connector?

thx :wink:

… the pololu delivers 2.2A

I’ve tapped off the main feed coming into the box on the older Taz 3 specification control box before. You’ll want to look at the documentation in and the Ohai kit assembly documentation for your model before making any changes. The mains should have plenty of amps. There is also the 24v output pins down on the lower right hand corner of the Rambo board. Both should have plenty of amps.


Version 4.5 endcaps with larger mounts for routing larger wires if anyone wants them. The rest of the files are currently unchanged.
lightbar_enclosed_ends_4_5_a.stl (131 KB)
Lightbar_endcap_4_5_a.stl (115 KB)