No ABS in stock?

I just went to order a few rolls of ABS from Lulzbot and noticed the new format of the site since I last ordered and I don’t know if it’s a problem with the site or if it’s real but for the U.S. anyway all colors of ABS show “Unavailable”.

No, it’s real…

I’ve been trying to get ABS from the site for awhile now. I even complained to them through e-mail and they said they are on back order but can’t give out an ETA.

I’m a bit concerned by this since ABS is one of the most popular plastics and I’m thinking that maybe 3mm is being discontinued.

I was able to put an order in for the 5lbs rolls of ABS this weekend, but it hasn’t shipped yet. I really didn’t want 5lbs rolls, but that’s all that’s available from the website.

If LB is still sourcing from eSUN, you can get the 3mm ABS from Amazon… ~$22-25/roll. Works great with my TAZ 5.

I wish I would have looked at amazon…

They have a whole bunch of the 3mm village plastics ABS sold from Lulzbot in stock. And with free shipping…

I buy all my eSun or Makerbox filament from Amazon and with Prime its here in 2 days with free shipping no matter what the order total. I doubt if Lulzbot makes their own.