No users manual for Cura 3

I have various questions about cura 3, especially the Save commands. What do they do? There is File Save, Save As, Save Project……

There are many hoops to jump through to get a good print on my Mini (1).

I print some objects too wide to do a skirt or brim.

I need to have a “primer” object in the corner for these, since the Mini will not extrude filament correctly to start right out on a print.

I want to know if any of the save commands save the complete g-code with all settings for an object. After I successfully print an object, I want to save everything so I can just call it up and hit print.

I also want to know how to insure my “Primer” object gets printed first.

Do I load the primer and the main object is any particular order?
Do I locate the primer object close to the 0,0 corner?
Do I need to set the Print All at Once setting?

Lulzbot support is friendly, but not very knowledgeable. They don’t seem to understand my questions and offer comments that aren’t on topic. I know Cura 3 is not a Lulzbot product (Ultimaker), but there is no comprehensive manual, and Lulzbot doesn’t seem to know what all the menu items do.

With the save file options in Cura 3 (this is going off of the Lulzbot edition, so there may be a few differences), the “Save selection to file” option is used when you have multiple objects on the bed and you want to save one of them as either a different file type or change the save location on your computer. The “Save as” is similar, but it will save all the objects on the bed, not just one. The “save project” will save all the settings, profile, and stl file for the print to a zipped file that you can then take to a completely different computer or slicer and load the settings and file you had originally. For the primer you are trying to do, I’m unsure how exactly you would need to position it, but you can figure that out by moving the files around and seeing which one will slice first by looking at the Layer view (there’s a nifty feature in Cura 3.2.22 where you can see the exact pathing of the tool head before you start a print, you can find this version here:, but it is in Beta, so there may be some bugs). If you want, you can also try adjusting the skirt distance to allow for the skirt to fit, even on prints that take most of the bed. Hope that this helps :wink: