Non-warping, no smell, PET filament

No shrinking or warping.
No smell.
No enclosure required.
Build plate can be heated or not (depends on brand).
Can be printed on glass without any glue*
Does not absorb water or moisture from air, so no storage container needed.
Clear color is the most transparent of all filament materials.
Is much “tougher” that PLA or ABS; will bend before breaking.
Uses about the same extruder temps as ABS.
Does not need a print cooling fan like PLA does.
Also known as Polyester, PETG, PETT, PET+
Is what most soda pop bottles are made of.
Does not degrade in water.
FDA approved in the USA for for food contact.
Not brittle.
Is the most recycled plastic.
Prices are coming down, and some are about the same as ABS.

Test model:
Printing video:
Result video:

Current places carrying PET:

eSun - from Intservo, in North Carolina USA:
*opaque black is tested to print onto glass without any glue at all;
stays attached above 80C, and pops off at room temp.

eSun - from Intservo on Ebay, in North Carolina USA:

Alchement - from New Jersey, USA (choose PET from the menu):

RepRapperTech in Hong Kong:

Made Solid - from California USA:

Made Solid - from Matter Hackers, in California USA:

Made Solid - from Design Box, in Ohio USA:

Made Solid - From Australia:

Colorfabb XT - from Netherlands:

Colorfabb XT - from Printed Solid, in Delaware USA:

Taulman T-Glase - from Matter Hackers, in California USA:

Taulman T-Glase - from MakerGeeks, in Missouri USA:

Taulman T-Glase - from Imprinte 3D, in France:

Eco PETG - from China (must email to order):

Reprap PET - from Denmark:

Gizmo Dorks - in Los Angeles, USA:


3D Prima, from Sweden:

For anyone interested, we carry Taulman t-glase on here: Supported, up-to-date t-glase print profiles can be found for Cura LulzBot Edition here: Additional profiles are available for Slic3r here:

I’ll add that to the list.