PCTPE Smokes

I have a lulzbot mini with a standard extruder. I just purchased some Taulman PCTPE FIlament. It feeds out of the hot end fine, but it smokes when coming out of the hot end. When I saw this, I immediately turned off my machine. I turned it on and tried it again. it still smoked. I set the settings to pctpe, I set the temperatures to the recommended ones (Temperature: 235, Bed Temp: 100). Is this normal? I just wanted to know before starting my first print.


Are you sure it’s smoke? It’s probably steam; nylon absorbs moisture like there’s no tomorrow. The filament will need thoroughly drying before using.

ok got it. How can i dry the nylon?


It is definitely water vapors. PCTPE is mostly Nylon and absorbs moisture from air like a sponge from a bowl of water. And when it does that, steaming out of the nozzle is the least of your worries. It literally ruins your prints.
Simplest drying method is to put it in the oven and heat it up to 180degF (90degC) for at least 2-3 hours.
Never forget to put it back in an airtight container when you’re done with it, or even a ziplock bag along with the silicone gel pouch that usually comes with every spool.

As Mikronano said, oven is fastest.

I made a dry box for my nylon, in the room my printer used to be the Nylon would be unprintable after being out for an hour, it just sucks moisture out the air. The in use spool lives in that and remains dry, the rest are sitting in my airing cupboard at home in a slightly open bag packed with silica gel.

Every spool of nylon I’ve ever had has needed drying before use.