PolyLite PLA stops extruding after 20-30 minutes on Lulzbot Mini

First time on this forum. I have a Lulzbot Mini that had been working well. Without any changes other than a new supply of PolyLite PLA (2.85 mm) I started encountering a problem that the printer would stop laying down new material. The extruder continued to work, moving correctly over the previous layers, but the filament no longer extruded. The fan is working fine. I have tried varying the temperature between the range on the spool (210-230) but have not had success. The result is a wispy set of material and some clear separation of layers prior to the stoppage.

This sounds a bit like heat creep to me. Our PLA prints best around the 205C mark, and anything higher will start causing these issues. The spool will say different temperatures as they did not test it on our machines.
I would stick with our default profiles, and that should help with extrusion. If it doesn’t, you can lower the temperature to 195C and see if that helps.

If you need anything else or more specifics, feel free to email us at support@lulzbot.com

Thank you for this response. I also received a thorough response from the Lulzbot support email address so intend to follow the instructions below and from the support team and see what happens.