Prime and wipe tower always failing (nGen + PVA)

Is the combination of materials (nGen + PVA) just not work with the priming tower? Every print I’ve tried with this seems to cause the tower to fail and then strands of the filament get dragged along the print.

Is there a recommended course of action for this? Maybe run the print bed or nozzles hotter?

Hello Jason,

It may be a couple of things that contribute to the tower failing.
One is that the Z offset(and the manual adjustment of the T1 nozzle) is having the nozzle just a little too far from the PEI, which will not allow the filament to adhere well enough to the PEI. The other can be that the ambient temperature is too cool, which can cause adherence issues also.
If you need, you can always take a photo of the first layers and send them to and the support team can see if they can help.
Dialing in the nozzle on the T1 extruder is always something that takes a bit of experimenting.

Thank you. It looks like I’ll need to make a bit of a “cage” for the printer to seal in the heat a bit and reduce drafts due to the cold weather.

Can you please take a look at the print profile I’ve attached to this? Just to be sure that there isn’t something odd that I’m doing.

I’m attempting a high profile nGen print (from the default profiles) with the second extruder added for PVA support. The temperature for that is set to 180C with the bed heated to 85C. I will note that the temperature listed on the side of the PVA spool states 190C.
Dual_nGen_PVA_High_detail.ini (16.6 KB)