Problems with the TAZ6

Hi, all

In my laboratory we have the TAZ6 model and it has been failing for a while now. After the 30-40 layer, the filament stops coming out although the pattern keeps moving like if it was printing. We are not exactly sure what is happening with the printer, maybe it has to do with the heat that is not melting enough filament?

Thanks for your time.

If you are working with a temperature sensitive filament like PLA then you could be running into some heat creep if your lab is particularly warm. Heat creep is when the filament gets warm past the hot end and becomes malleable and then the hobbed bolt chews through it like butter and can lead to extrusion issues.

To remedy heat creep you can try lowering the printing temperature (for PLA I would try 190c-200c) or using a small desk fan to point towards the print while it prints. If you are using an enclosure I would also recommend opening the doors of the enclosure or otherwise venting it for proper part cooling.