Shattered glass bed; Can the heater be salvaged?

I’ve recently damaged the glass bed of my Taz 6 in removing a very large print to the point where the bed is not level enough to continue printing on it.

In terms of replacement, I have spare glass beds and PEI sheets, so my questions is: how possible is it to salvage and reuse the old heater? (removing it from the shattered glass bed and attaching it to the new one) I have replaced PEI sheets before through freezing the bed, but I’ve not yet had damage to the glass. I suppose the alternate would be to buy an already assembled replacement, but presumably you can assemble beds from scratch - so what adhesive would be used to stick the heating element to the glass?

Depends on the bed you have. The new modular bed the heating element isn’t attached to the glass.

If you have the type that is attached to the glass, get ready for a lot of scraping. The heat mats are applied at the factory with a roller system that uses pressure and some dang good glue to hold it all together.

Yes if you are careful you can remove the heat mat, but then you will spend about a week working the rubbery glue off of the rubber surface of the heat mat while trying not to tear the thin rubber membrane. Then you get to try and find an adhesive, that is thermally conductive and will hold up to the heat cycles of the printer.

When I broke my glass bed, I upgraded it to a piece of aluminum plate and made my own modular bed system. To bond the heat mat to the aluminum plate I used Permatex Ultra Copper #81878 (its found at most auto part stores). I don’t know if it will bond to the glass.

Let me know what works out. I tired contact adhesive and it just peeled away when the bed heated. Thought about rubber cement, but didn’t try it.

We’ve used and recommended using silicone RTV to adhere the original silicone heating pad to the new borosilicate plate (or other material). You’ll want to make sure that you’ve cleaned the heater of as many of the glass fragments as you can.

Works well with aluminum plates as well.

I second this, though I think that my aluminum plate is warped… will soon be switching to a BL touch sensor… (stay tuned)