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Okay guys I am back with another question… concerning your favorite slicer programs and why you chose them? I have been using Cura with success but I also see a lot of talk about Slic3r, and I notice that kcchen_00 (whom I have decided might know what he is talking about and is worth listening too) said he uses Simplify3D… I see a price tag of 150 bucks or so and no way to check it out before buying I am a bit worried, while it is very true that I am a cheapskate: I don’t mind spending my money on worthwhile stuff. ( my little TAZmanian Devil may be a great example, you have any idea how many of my friends will show me some little tiny printer selling for 250 bucks and comment “see you coulda bought the same thing a lot cheaper”
I have also decided without question that PierceT is a man to be listened too and therefore would like to hear his preference also.

And while I have mentioned these two by name, there are a lot of people that seem very knowledgeable in this stuff that I have read answers from please don’t feel left out there is just not enough capacity in my pea brain to recall all of you but rest assured I thank you one and all :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for answers

As far as Simplify 3D is concerned, although you have to pay up front, I believe they still give you two weeks to get a refund if you don’t like the software. It is very good software but is not perfect. The real issue I have with it is thin wall performance and thin wall gap fill. Outside of that, it is pretty great. The ability to edit supports is how they earned my money. That is huge! Don’t hesitate to try it.

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I would recommend you to get familiar with your printer (learning by doing) and when you know all the “screws” in Cura, try other slicers. There is no best slicer out there, you have to find out which one fits your needs.

Thanks for the reading material sebastian, I think I’m gonna try Simplify3D, I am kind of a old guy and Slic3r just seems to sound like a young sk8er boi type of software, now please don’t think of me as a H8er, I’m picking up what ya all are putting down but I know how to spell simplify ( i think anyway) and here ends my rad skater boy impersonation mainly cause I don’t know any other cool sayings :slight_smile:

Cura has been treating me well but I am guessing its design group is mostly comprised of women folk… I base this on the fact that Cura will estimates 3 hours 32 minutes to print and yet has never gotten done in less than 4 hours 15 minutes, just like the missus add 25% onto anything she says.

My apologizes for my sense of humor, I have been told more than once my jokes are only funny to me, but hey as long as I laugh who cares :-0

All joking aside very good reading sebastian
Thank you

I use Simplify3D on my 3 printers, and love it for almost everything. There is an issue with thin wall fill as was mentioned, but I have found that for just about everything else, and especially the custom support function, it has been the best for my needs.

Thanks guys, I have taken the plunge and got myself simplify3D and am liking it a lot. so here is a new question; what is the finest resolution you guys print at? The highest resolution? I have a TAZ 5 with a .50 nozzle

what kind of print speeds do you all use?

For most filament, I run at 60mm/s. Most prints I do at 0.2mm, 0.1mm when I want finer detail. I’ve never tried going lower as I find that sufficient for my needs.