Stepper Motor Knocking Sound

I just started up a print and it sounds like one of my stepper motors is making a knocking sound. I think it is my Y-axis motor but it is hard to isolate the sound right now. Any tips on how to fix this? Do I need a new motor?

A broken motor shaft or a bad bearing is possible. I would pull the Y belt off, then inspect the motor shaft for any play or being broken off. If it seems fine, you’ll want to inspect other pieces in the motion segment, loose bed bearings, loose mounts, split rod holder corners, etc.

a new motor is inexpensive if you do end up needing a new one if nothing else.

Sounds like you are just missing steps.

Try slowing the acceleration rate.

The odds of the shaft being broken are slim.

Not the motor, a stepper motor driver overheated. I verified the problem I had by pulling the Rambo enclosure cover and using a can of air to blow on the driver that is suspected