Taulman's "Bridge" to nowhere

Taulman’s Bridge filament is a bridge to nowhere, prints over 6-8" in diameter warp very strongly off the print bed, unless you are printing solid-ish cylinders, cubes and the like, you won’t like it. Ultra PLA, IMO is for larger more complex models without additional warping, peeling, shape-shifting features that mess up your print. I am no longer surprised that Bridge Nylon is only $18, it’s not worth buying IMO, aside from the few applications I can think of, it’s water retention and bubbling destroys prints by internal explosions erupting all over the surface, steer clear of this cheap imitation filament. I’m sure even more lengthy preparation could have been taken, dehydrating the filament at 80f for 3 days before a print etc, but why trouble yourself with it? Ultra PLA and some painters tape go a lot quicker.

Do you have any pics of what you’ve been encountering? What temp have you been using?

240-244C eruptions that look like they are water related, I’ll have to get a dehydrator to use the rest of the Bridge spools I still have, when I figure out how to print some of the things I have been designing I’ll post the results.