Taz 3 power supply upgrade

I am currently in the process of upgrading my Taz 3 to a Taz 4.5/5. Basically, upgraded the Z axis and the hotend but not the heated bed. I am currently using the 24v/15A 360W power supply. Will I need the 500W power supply to get the hotend all the way up to 300C (or anywhere above 250-260C all while heating the bed up to 85-90C?

I’m still using the old one with mine, but it could probably use a bit more power.

Well, I thought about grabbing a pair of server power supplies on eBay. They’re usually about $25 for a pair. 12V and 47A and putting them in series (taking some grounding precautions of course) to get 24V 47A for a total of about 1200W… total overkill, however, it’s $25 and the form factor is not that much bigger than the current PS.

The extruder is not the big load for the supply.

The heat bed is the one that will have a problem reaching the temps.

Plus the closer you are to the max rating of the supply the less efficient it is operating. AKA - the more it heats up.