Taz 5 - Best Overall from Make Magazine

Make Magazine just gave the Taz 5 the titles of Best Overall 3D Printer, Best Open Source 3D Printer, and 3rd best large format 3D printer, in it’s 2016 3D printer shoot-out, comparing 39 printers.

… I got the Taz 5 partly based on Make Magazine’s 2015 3d printer shoot-out, in which the Taz 4 did very well. I’m happy to see my choice vindicated :slight_smile:


I searched around looking for the “Like” button for like 15 minutes… :wink: I’m so proud of my Taz!!

It would be interesting to read the reviews and which ones they did review. But I’m not going to spend $35 for a subscription to find out when I can get more or less the same thing reading Amazon Reviews.

Yes, I don’t subscribe either, a friend told me about last year’s shoot-out, which ended up being well worth the $10 or so for me to get the issue. It’s certainly not any kind of necessity, but i’m going to buy the new issue out of curiosity.

You can usually buy the single issue for $8. But issue 48 doesn’t seem to be listed yet.

Taz 5 got best open source and third for large format.

Here’s a summary of the results:

Fun to have the Taz 5 and PB Simple Metal as my fleet. :slight_smile: