Taz 5 flat X and Y surfaces really rough

I have a taz 5 and lately when i print flat surfaces that are oriented on the X and Y axis, they are really rough. If i rotate the parts so that they are not in line with the axis they print nice and smooth. See the images below. Im not sure how to fix this. Anyone have any ideas or have run into this problem as well?

material is esun pla.

I would check the bearings, make sure they are clean and free of obstructions, make sure the bearings are positioned so there is no play in the axis, and then if necessary, replace the bearings. You might also consider alternative motion axis like openbuilds.

I could be a littl over extrusion also. Adjust the low rate by 2-3%…

I will have to do that. I’m not sure im up to rebuilding the printer with new slides, but i will keep that in mind if i can’t fix the issue. thanks.

I will try, but im not sure thats the issue, if it was over extruding, then wouldn’t over extrude on the diagonals as well?

It seems like it is only printing rough when only one axis is activated. almost like there is slop in the axis that is not being used which is causing the tool head to chatter. When ever both axis are being used, it prints fine.

I would say to try and tighten up the bed bearing holders around the bearings, it looks like the table is wobbling.