Taz Pro Filament Won't Load - How to clear Clogged hot end?

I am unable to get any filament loaded into the main extruder. It will grab the filament and start to load then i get a lot of clicking as the filament cant be pulled anymore.

Wondering if someone can help me find a picture or videos showing how to troubleshoot and unclog an extruder on this?


What filament (specifically which brand) are you using and what temperature are you using?

I’m wondering if your temperature setting is too low. The TAZ Pro uses hardened steel nozzles and they don’t transfer heat as efficiently as brass nozzles. If they aren’t hot enough, you’ll hear the clicking noises (as it slips).

If you really have a clog in the cool end of the extruder, bring the nozzle up to the proper temperature for the filament and then block the cooling fan temporarily. After a few minutes, the clog in the cool end should be softened enough to push it through. Once things are moving, do a complete filament retraction and unblock the cooling fan. Wait for a while with the heat off and the cooling fan running to get things back to their normal state.

You can also use a filament with a higher melting point as your pusher but it won’t go all the way through. For example, if the clog is PLA, then use Nylon or ABS as a pusher.

I’ve had a lot of success with eSun’s cleaning filament. It has a wide temperature range and is pretty slippery. It is very easy to do cold pulls at around 100c.

I was able to get it cleared. Thanks!