TAZ'clone' sporting a 2W laser cutter, the LĀZ16

I recently attached my early https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/l-cheapo-laser-cutter-attachment/x/7387042 Indegogo reward of a LCheapo Laser to my TAZ’clone’ with 16" bed which I now call the LĀZ16.

Using Slic3r to slice the outside edge of a stl file I have the LĀZ16 cutting multiple layers by increasing the height of the sliced model by 0.1mm. For example, a single cut pass would use a model height of 0.1mm and a three cut pass would use a model height of 0.3mm.

I wired a spare thermistor to the laser module to keep from getting temp errors when the laser head is installed rather than the extruder head. Other than that I turned off the thermistor value for the heated bed in the firmware so that I could remove the heated bed plate to lighten up the Yaxis for lasing duty.
This laser cutter has cut construction paper, balsa wood, bass wood, vinyl label, duct tape lables, card board, poster board, some plastics, and anything I can think to put under the knife. :open_mouth:

I noticed a few other people in the Indiegogo campaign with TAZ machines also so we should see a few more of these laser cutting TAZs coming online soon.
Thanks for looking,

Awesome. :slight_smile:

This is just so cool. Using a number of passes, can you cut plexiglas? How thick plastic can you cut?

Thanks for leading the 3D world forward, by making a 2D printer (an ironic accomplishment).