TazUp - Simple Metal Frame Upgrade

LulzBot Taz machines have more potential than ever. For just $268.51, a few metal plates can be bolted on in place of plastic brackets in the frame. The three-step process is outlined in a visual guide, the attached PDF.

Experiments by TasStiff owners, myself and natewalck, suggest these simple substitutions should double usable positioning velocity. TazStiff goes one step further, installing OpenBuilds linear motion hardware for even greater stiffness and especially smooth travel.

GitHub Repository for TazUp and TazStiff - https://github.com/mirage335/TazStiff
TazStiff Documentation - https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/tazstiff-unofficial-all-metal-openbuilds-upgraded-lulzbot-taz-design/2735/7

TazUpHowTo.pdf (1.01 MB)