Tightening belts

How am I supposed to tighten the belts to “factory tight”?

There’s only a little bit of belt to grab with a pliers and I can’t seem to pull the belt tight enough so it makes a high pitched “ting” when plucked. I’ve gotten it most of the way there but I think it could be better. Is there some technique I’m missing? It seems like the belt tensioning mechanism could be a lot better.

I was trying to add a dampener to the X axis (had to revert, I didn’t have the right metric wrench to adjust the pulley position) and had to unhook/rehook the belt.

Grab the end with a pair of needlenose pliers and roll the belt up over the jaws until it is tight. That or install a belt tensioner.

I am thinking this is a “new” machine as this is like your third post. Those are notched belts and there is not much load on any of the axis, making them twangy tight might overload the motor bearings. I have had a lot of CNC machines including lasers and never had to tighten any belts right out of the box.

Yeah it’s a new machine and they came “twingy” tight. The problem is that I unhooked one and wanted to reattach it at the factory tightness.

I wasn’t able to get it factory-tight but it seems I’ve gotten it tight enough as prints look identical before and after.