Vertical Ripples

I have been fighting an issue with rippling in my prints. It is at its worst when printing at a 45 degree angle on the bed. That is when the X and Y are moving equal distances to make the line. My bearing are tight and my belts are reasonably tight. You can’t play a tune on them but they are not loose.

Has anyone experienced this? Could this be a controller or motor problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.

All four sides of the part look like this.

I would try adjusting your jerk setting from the default 8 to like 20 or so. Assuming you are on a TAZ, you should be able to do this through the LCD interface.


Yep, it is a Taz. I will give it a shot. Thanks.

That one is a hard one to track down. I’ve seen it before on my AO-10x. It can be caused by a worn or clogged rod bearing skipping on a surface in the direction of travel where the problem was at. It can be caused by an overly loose bed, extruder mount, or bearing set. It can also be at the extruder level rather than at the travel level. A slightly loose small extruder gear setscrew can cause something similar to that. Drag caused by overextrusion and a loose extruder head can cause a ripple like that as well, particularily after a change in layer pattern (like after a bolt hole)

I’d reccommend checking everythng for slop and tightness, then going from there