Wanted a backup glass bed

I have found I really need two beds so I can have two different surfaces for different filaments to adhere too as one surface just doesn’t do it all.

BUT, the cost of shipping one $35.00 glass sheet from Lulzbot is $23.91. WHAT!?

Anyone know of another source that the cost of shipping isn’t so outrageous?

Find a local glass/mirror shop… or your hardware store will cut one to size for you.

Use your wife’s favorite coffee table top. Sheesh. No brainer. :wink:

Use your wife’s favorite coffee table top. Sheesh. No brainer. > :wink:

HAHA! Yeah I mean she’s already pissed because you cracked a corner out wen you dropped that stepper motor down on it :laughing:
It sounds like you’re on a budget but I’ve been thinking of getting an aluminum build plate machined and then mounting a PEI sheet on it. It would be a little lighter and transfer heat better than the glass. Plus it won’t break.

Make sure you get borosilicate glass. Normal window glass WILL blow apart at ABS bed temperatures. And it is a mess and can damage the silicone heater too. Not worth the temptation to go heap. And don’t think that getting a thicker piece of window glass will prevent it, it does not. In fact, it is worse since the issue is thermal stress.

I googled 12" x 12" 3D printer glass and found a number of other sources. I did not check shipping but it’s a place to start. A piece of 12" sq CAN be shipped in the US with USPS Large Fixed Rate Priority for $15. I don’t know why more businesses don’t take advantage of that. Maybe one of the other sources does.

McMaster sells 12"x12" borosilicate.

I bought a sheet but the bed mounts will have to be re-done because it is larger than 300mm

It’s best to bite the bullet and buy from Lulzbot. Not sure why the shipping is costing so much.


Call Lulzbot and ask about the shipping. I know from my web store that automated shipping calculators are very difficult to get right and are never give the lowest shipping cost. Call them and ask if there is a better/less expensive method to ship. I do this all the time with vendors and most are more than happy to work with you.