White House Demo

I didn’t really understand the significance of my friend and biz partner’s visit to the White House until Ryan visited me today and gave me a pen from the White House. My circuitry and 3D printing work plus some video shots of me working and having fun at work as we explored the possibilities of electrocoagulation were demonstrated at the White House. OK, did I say it enough times? No? The friggin’ White House man! hahahhhah :slight_smile:

Payback in a way for working 6 months free of charge for a small start-up non-profit. Plus people liked what they saw there and there is a likelyhood of another visit some day soon. I have been depressed lately and this was just what I needed! Nice pen too…

Make history!


Congratulations Les. That is one heck of an opportunity.


Wow, that is really inspiring! Congratulations!