Wireless mini possible?

Is there a way to wirelessly connect my Mac to a Mini?

I have my TAZ 6 connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B running OctoPi / OctoPrint. The RPi is connected to my LAN using WiFi. Many slicers (including CuraLE) have a option to send directly to OctoPrint. You can monitor your printer from any browser. There is also support for cameras (either RPi direct connect or USB).

An RPi Zero 2, RPi 3B (and 3B+), or any RPi 4 will work. Biggest problem ATM is finding one for anything close to the suggested retail price. OctoPrint can be installed on just about anything that can run Python 3 including old cell phones but IMO, a RPi provides the best experience.

Thanks a lot. I’ll work on this!