1.75 filament on TAZ 2

Is it possible to use 1.75mm filament also on a TAZ 2?
I’d like to realize by myself this ptfe tube:
but the drawing in the link refers to 3mm filament.

Yup, you just have to install the adapter tube. if you don’t use an adaptor tube your extruder might ooze molten plasic on itself which is generally not a good plan. But the switch is fairly straightforward. Just open the idler chamber, install the 1.75mm tube as directed, thread your filliament and start printing!

does this adapter tube go into the hot end, as well as the extruder?

Apperently you have to dismount the hot end to install it. I thought it would just wedge in from the top but the extruder itself prevents it. Just 2 more bolts to the process though.

Edit: it only goes in the hot end, though depending on the type of extruder you may also want to put an extruder guide in for narrower filliament. Otherwise the idler assembly handles the thinner filliament width with additional turns on the screw.

I would be more worried about the 1.75mm filament snaking and binding in the 3mm bore of the extruder before it gets to that 1.75mm bore of the adapter tube. (probably not much of a problem, unless you are using flexible material)

But it should be easy enough to print a different extruder body with a 1.75mm hole.

We’re going to potentially be sold out of our Budaschnozzle 2.0 1.75mm PTFE insert for some time. The drawing found here can be used if you’d like to source it yourself, just make sure the inner diameter is 1.8mm (ideally, you can go up to 2mm).

The drawing says it’s for the 3mm filament. I’m guessing the drawing’s title is wrong. The inside diameter given in the drawing works out to just over 3mm, so the title appears to be correct and the wrong drawing was posted for 1.75mm filament? Shouldn’t the inside diameter be much closer to that of the 1.75mm filament?

The McMaster-Carr part number give has an inside diameter of .0625…that works out to less than 1.6mm which seems too small for 1.75mm filament.

McMaster’s page says the tubing linked to by that drawing has its inside diameter UNDERsized. So, in addition to buying a foot of tubing to get a 1 inch long part, I also have to drill it out?

Thanks for clarifying. Most of the filament I have on hand is 1.75mm so being able to use it really matters.

We don’t have a drawing for the 1.75mm compatible PTFE insert, just a couple versions of the 3mm sized insert. Use the linked drawing above but change the ID (inner diameter) to 1.8mm ideally. You can also use a 2mm drill bit if that’s easier. As long as the Outer Diameter is spot on, you can easily adjust the ID as needed.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try…