Can I convert my 3mm nozzle to 1.75mm?

I have been expanding my little 3d printing company over the last 6 months and I now have 5 printers running 24/7. 4 of the 5 run 1.75mm filament and I would really like to have my TAZ3 run the same filament so I don’t have to use two different types of filament. Is this any easy change?

You can replace the PTFE insert with one sized for 1.75mm filament. We don’t have that item in stock at this time and may not for a while longer. If you’d like to make it yourself, you can, here’s the spec sheet for the standard 3mm PTFE insert, just change the inner diameter to 1.8-2mm.

PTFE insert:

Buda cut-away:

Would this one work? You can buy it by the foot.

I don’t thick so. The outside diameter is 1/4" and the ID is 1/8" which is 3.2mm. I need something with an ID of 1.8-2mm, but probably match the current OD PTFE that came with the machine. Not sure if anyone makes that. If someone has done this conversion, please speak up. I would really like to swap out my head for one that can handle higher temps, maybe I could just swap in a 1.75mm high temp hot end?

Find the PTFE tubing with the correct outside diameter, then drill out the inner diameter with the correct spec. As far as replacing the hot end with a different model that can support 1.75 or higher temperatures, you certainly can. You’ll need to update the firmware with the new thermistor used in the new hot end, by reflashing the firmware.

Sweet. Thanks for the info guys. I’m gonna get to work on some research and getting parts ordered. Hopefully it will all work out. I just need to find the perfect 1.75mm high temp hot end.

I just ordered from McMaster thanks to this post…anyone successfully convert yet? My 1’ PTFE tube will be here next monday. I’m pumped. I’m designing a dremel rig that’ll drill a nice vertical 2mm hole…I’ll post when I’m done with it.


I discovered that Adafruit has made a whole tutorial on how to change to a 1.75mm filament, including new, modified versions of the extruder body and idler (guidler?) to handle 1.75 better.

@Nicodemus awesome link! I got my PTFE from McMaster-Carr today, super excited to get this going. Thanks for posting that.

I’ll post some results after I convert. :slight_smile:


Any update on this?

I’m keen on upgrading to a 1.75mm, all metal hot end too, to use polycarbonate…

How did it go?

Ok so I just got a taz 3 and have lot’s of 1.75 filament. I bought the ptfe tubing from mcmaster and with a little finagling have got it working.

The tubing was too large to fit so I cut a piece longer than I needed and then put it in my drill. I then ran then spun the tubing against some sand paper to evenly decrease the diameter. I sanded until the aluminum cooling rings would fit around the tubing.
I then drilled out the hole with a small drill bit. I just picked one that looked about the same as my filament–all my drill bits are in English. There was no need for any fancy kind of jig for this, the preexisting hole guided the bit through.
Then the tubing was cut to length.
Using a countersink I created a funnel at one end of the tubing so that the filament would be easier to slide in.

Next I simply swapped out the existing tubing.
I loaded up the filament and have been doing some test prints.
I had some trouble with retraction and had to greatly reduce it.
The filament has kinked up a couple times in wade’s extruder. The part could be reprinted to be sized for 1.75.
After turning the retraction down and slowing down the print it is working quite well.
This solution works, and I needed to do it to match the color of some filament. Although if you had a ton of 1.75 spools you might wanna come up with something else, a few hours of prep would definitely save the added print time.