1.75 hotend vs 2.85 for small nozzle and small layer height?

I have a Taz 5 (upgraded kittaz) and have the 3mm hexagon hotend. I am interested in doing very fine detail prints using a .25mm or smaller nozzle, and layer heights less than .1mm. I find that with these settings, getting the proper flow rate is a challenge. I am thinking that going to a 1.75mm hotend may improve these prints because the number of e steps will increase by just over 60%, giving better fidelity in flow rate.
Does this idea sound reasonable? And has anyone installed a 1.75mm hotend to this purpose?


I built myself a 1.75mm toolhead using mostly hardware from Amazon, and a couple of orders from Digi-Key and McMaster. Works wonderfully and I get much more accurate flow at low rates. Go for it!