1.75mm Abs

So not paying attention to what I was ordering I purchased some 1.75m instead of 3m from Amazon.
so my questions are first, will the Lulzbot mini print with 1.75m and second if so how do i adjust the settings for that?

Disclaimer- though the Mini isn’t designed to work with 1.75 filament, many have had success with it. YMMV
For Cura:
Switch to “Full settings” mode
Load a profile for the Mini for the material your printing (to get the start gcode for auto level and wipe) https://www.lulzbot.com/support/mini-cura-profiles
On the “Basic” tab, change the filament diameter from 2.85 to whatever the nominal diameter of your filament is.
You’ll also need to tighten the idler WAY down. Be sure to loosen it back up to the 8mm gap when going back to 3mm

Side note for others: You CAN print a dedicated 1.75 extruder and replace the hotend body and nozzle for 1.75

I just bought a Lulzbot TAZ 5 and have stocks of 1.75mm ABS. Will these Mini adjustments work for a TAZ 5 as well?

Yes, it’s the same extruder body and hotend, just a different mounting plate.

A TAZ 5 with a 0.5mm nozzle it should be doable. As with the Mini, the same disclaimer applies:

Your TAZ 5 was designed to use 3mm filament, but many users have reported success using 1.75mm filament by updating the filament diameter in our Cura profiles to 1.75mm. The reliability and mileage may vary.

I highly recommend using this technique to burn through old stock, but if you are purchasing new filament 3mm will be more reliable.