Can the TAZ 5 use 1.75mm dia. filament?

The search function will not let me search for “1.75” so please pardon me if this has been asked before. I tried to find the answer. :unamused:

I just set up my TAZ 5 and am working on my first print for our business, a test probe holder.

I have several spools of ABS and PLA left over from our first gen Replicator but they are 1.75mm diameter filament. Is the TAZ 5 capable of using this filament in addition to the 3mm?

If it can be used, where do I tell Cura (or the TAZ 5) that I’m using the 1.75mm rather than the 3mm?

Thank you!

Yup, works great with PLA. It is not supported by Lulzbot, but I have been printing a bunch of 1.75 PLA in the TAZ 5. documents my settings. I am not a cura user, but there should be a place to set filament diameter.

Excellent! Thank you!

Yes, the all metal hot end on the TAZ 5 and the Mini is perfectly capable of printing 1.75mm ABS and PLA, with prints indistinguishable from 3mm. We have tested this on many machines and heard from customers to confirm. Or rather, the users told us, we confirmed. :wink:


Thank you, Jebba!

Confirmed but not supported, correct? the only issue I could see is filament pushing upward out of the hotend and forming a hard clog higher up.

We’ll want some more miles on this before we call it “supported”, but it is working great that we’ve seen.

Have you actually seen this in printing 1.75mm or you think it is possible?



I haven’t tried any 1.75 yet since I sold all 14 spools I had with my old printer. So at this point its just a theory.

OK, we don’t have any reports of this that I know of.

Good. I really hope 1.75 works out. Much better selection available I feel like.

Just installed my new Hexagon hotend. I have been printing with 1.75 ABS with no problems so far.

Few things to note:

Feeding the filament into the hotend is a bit tricker. Seems to “catch” on something inside the extruder body. You just have to wiggle it around and it finds it way down.

Takes slightly longer to prime. This is essentially because it has to melt a bit more plastic to melt before the hot end is filled (It makes a 3mm plug at the tip of the filament.)

When changing colors a cold pull helps makes sure the color changes quickly. As it pulls this plug out cleanly and leaves less color residue to purge.

Cool, thx for the update. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying 1.75mm filament on my Taz5 ever since I found this thread. I’m having mixed results.

Experiment 1: Slic3r using Taz5 PLA profile, set to 1.75mm
The gcode barely works and only if I bump the feedrate to 120%. This is the Rocktopus on the LEFT in the attached pic. Layer adhesion on the body is ok, but not on the raised hand. The overall look is “wispy” suggesting under-extrusion.

Experiment 2: Cura using Taz5 PLA profile, set to 1.75mm
This worked much better and is pictured on the RIGHT. The layers are more solid and details are present. The layer adhesion in the raised hand is terrible- I nearly ripped the hand off while removing the print from the HBP.

I am using “MG Chemical” brand gold 1.75mm PLA I purchased at Fry’s electronics. It’s a bit softer than other filaments I’ve used, even after storing it with dessicant. Next step is to try printing with a different brand of filament.

Tried Inland 1.75mm PLA in solid red and translucent blue. Misfeed every time. Here’s what I find.

It appears the filament bends, then stops feeding, then bunches up as seen. This filament won’t feed at all without this happening about 10cm into the print. I suppose this is why the 1.75mm filament guide exists :slight_smile: Anyone else seeing this?

I had a similar issue with my ABS at first, but not nearly that bad. I’m guessing ABS is a bit more solid than PLA. But my issue was that I was running my ABS to low (on taz4 temps). I bumped it up 10*-15* and its worked perfectly after that.

Ugh… This was PET+ and I couldn’t get ABS to even load- just kept getting caught on something. I’m going to try some cleaning filament and go from there.

LulzBot Mini Users: I started a thread on printing 1.75 mm filament with a LulzBot Mini using (mostly) default software configurations and hardware here:

My experience with taz4, hexagon hotend and abs 1.75 has been a total failure. The filament forms a clog at the hotend after some minutes printing. Same result using Simplify3d and Slic3r.

I’ve tried 1.75 ABS and had the balling up issue, where the filament bunches up between the feed gear and the top of the extruder. I think it’s heat related. The filament is getting warm and soft, then buckling. Might be fixable with a small cooling fan at the input side of the extruder.

We have found that printing 1.75mm filament is more effective with the .5mm nozzle used on later versions of the TAZ (and available for purchase here on our site