3.0 filament in a 1.75 nozzle

So I just bought a used Taz 3 off a kid and it needs some work. I previously had a XZY DaVinci and had a terrible experience with them, plus I wanted an upgrade to a printer that will hopefully work for more then a month at a time.
The Taz is saying that extruder 1 is at 973 degrees with a Err: MAXTEMP. I found what I’m guessing is 3.0 ninjaflex in the extruder, even though is the original 1.75. The print bed isn’t heating, unless thats a user error. And the glass is cracked. Also when jogging the X & Y studded at a curtain points and when I hit auto home it goes there and then continues trying to go farther. Other then that the LCD, board, and all the steppers seem to be working fine.

Stock taz 3 buddaschnozzle extruders are 3.00mm. If the extruder is showing that for a temperature, you have a short, a wiring issue, or a bad thermistor. My advice? Scrap it and install a hexagon hotend from i-t-w.com/parts or grab a spare buddaschnozzle. You can also get a replacement bed there

It sounds like you have some endstops loose too. Check the wiring instructions https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/taz_3/ and make sure the wires are in the right spots. You may have an endstops and thermistor wire swapped?

If the extruder is giving the MAXTEMP error you will not be able to heat the bed. The extruder has to work before the firmware will allow you to heat the bed.

With all the errors you may need a new RAMBo, but working on one failure at a time will determine that later. Check to make sure the motor and hot-ends wires are not plugged into the wrong connectors on the extruder cable. Such a high temp reading kind of says the thermistor input is shorting to ground, like it is plugged into the motor instead.

You will need to replace the bed, but you need to solve the end stop issue.

I tend to fix extruder/bed issues, then movement issues after that.

If the thermistor is NTC (negative temperature coefficient), it may be shorted, either the bead itself, or the wiring somewhere.

Thanks guys. Ill check it all later this week. (My stupid DaVinci broke… here we go again) Once I get that running Ill start on the Taz and see what happens. Just wondering, do any of you know anything posts about putting an E3D Chimera on a Taz or any triple extruder setups? Every post I see says to replace the Rambo but I have 3 extruders showing up on the LCD. Thanks

There are only 2 extruder ports on a Rambo. To add more you would need to repurpose one of your z axis motors. Which would be bad.

So I finally got my davinci working. (Id like to thank you guys for being here to help with the lulzbot, I was on my own for the davinci). As for the taz, I figured out, the previous owner cut the y motor switch extension. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? I looked in the parts section but I can’t seem to find it. (I know its probably right in front of me, but haven’t found it.)

The switches and wire come from Ultima chine with the Rambo board itself. You can buy new pre crimped ones from them for about $2.50. You can also make your own if you can find the little 2mm crimp fittings. I got some off eBay, let me know if you can’t find any.

I was able to find the pre crimped on ultimachine’s website