3mm PLA Bulging and Getting Stuck

I’ve switched over to using PLA on the TAZ4, but I’m running into an issue with the PLA bulging and getting stuck in the ABS part with the hole just before the metal extruder parts. I have to pull it out to cut off the bulgy part of the filament.

Temps: 175 to 185degs.

Any thoughts?

Make sure you’re running your extruder fan when printing with PLA. PLA can suffer from heat creep, where the PLA filament can soften then solidify above the melting chamber. What’d the diameter of the filament you are using? Can you measure it with calipers?

The filament’s about 3mm. I’ll have to go back to my notes to see the caliper measurements

I’m having similiar problems. Day one with the printer yielded no problems, day two it started getting jammed and each test print it would happen sooner and sooner.

Is it possible that a jam could occur from having the temperature too low? my filament’s datasheet reccomends 190-225…

If you think the nozzle’s clogging, follow the proceedure found in the user manual, on page 110. Run around 200mm of filament through the body of the hot end, and boil the nozzle in water to soften any PLA and clean the nozzle. Reassemble, ideally with heat resistant anti-sieze compound on the threading.

Does anyone have any updates on this issue?

Did higher fan speeds help solve the problem?

I seem to be having the same problem with a TAZ 6 and eSun 3mm PLA extruding at 200 deg. C.

Assuming your cooling fan is kicking on when you get to layer 2? I’m not experiencing the same on my TAZ 6, the difference being I’m using eSun 3mm PLA+. Used both white and black with zero problems, large & small prints.