ABS filament

Hi all!
I just got my TAZ 6 and I have completed my first “test print - rocktopus”, it printed great using the nGen filament that came with the printer. I am now attempting to print a part “C-channel” using ABS (Village Plastics). I have my hot end set to 250c as suggested but my printed part is not good. You can see the layer build up throughout the part and it seems to separate easily when I pull on it. Is it the ABS material or are there more advanced setting I can play with to correct this issue?

Hello Jim,
I am not able to see any post with a photo. But I will tell you that one of the biggest factors with layer adhesion, with ABS is caused from having the fan selected when printing. ABS filament thermally radiates heat faster than other filaments, so it works better to deselect the cool settings and turn the fan off, so that the layers will have time to bond together before cooling. Try that first and see if it helps. If not, take a photo along with the settings that you are using and send it to:support@lulzbot.com and the support team will be glad to see if they can help fine tune the settings.
I hope this will help.

In addition to what David suggested (turn off downward cooling), I would try enclosing the Taz. I am planning to make a nice permanent enclosure for my Taz 5, but until I do I just surround it with cardboard and Dollar Tree foamboard. Make sure you don’t cover the fan opening on the electronics. My makeshift enclosure isn’t anywhere close to air tight, but it keeps the air inside warm and free from drafts. My best results for ABS are always done with no fan and inside a box!

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