ABS layers not bonding

Hi all, I’m new to this and am having a really hard time getting my layers to bond. I’m using a Taz 4 with the bed between 90 and 110 (tried several settings, hotter seems better), and the nozzle at 230-234 (no apparent difference in that temp range. My machine is in a room with an AC vent but I’ve put a carboard dam up covering the entire side of the machine that’s faces the vent. The vent is about 10ft away and doesn’t blow directly on it, but there is a breeze from time to time. The ABS I’m using is from Prototype Supply.


I print most of my Jobs in a mildly cold room so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Maybe try and print in a different location

Couple of questions:

How large is the print?

Is it very tall?

Does it have thin exterior walls?

Bed Temp at 110 and Extruder at 230 seems to be the sweet spot for me.

Good Luck!


If the print is a bit larger, then layers have time to cool off before bonding. Which causes lamination.
So what I did was to slow down my print speed radically and give maximum extruder temperature. That way, in my opinion, nozzle has the time to bond the layers with its heat properly.