ABS print stuck to hot bed

I’m having a hard time removing an ABS print from my mini hot bed. It’s REALLY stuck. I’ve tried cooling it down, heating it up (and using the knife). Nothing seems to get the print off the hot bed.

Any suggestions?

Try some isopropyl alcohol along the edge of the project. It should release a corner or two to get the knife under…

It won’t help with removing the part this time, but you need to add Z-offset to your next print. It’s under expert mode under Machine: machine settings.

The way to figure out what offset you need is to print a small part with a skirt. Peel the skirt off the bed and measure its thickness using calipers. Look in cura for what your first layer thickness should be (standard is usually something like 0.425mm) Whatever the difference is between actual printer skirt thickness and the first layer thickness in cura is the number you put in the z offset. Remember…a more POSITIVE number moves the nozzle farther away from the print bed. For my printer, my Zoffset is 0.18mm.

This also made the parts much more reasonable to remove. I was in the same boat as you.

I got a mini last week and sometimes ABS is really sticking good. I’ve found that using the knife tool included with the printer is a bit challenging. I’ve been using a putty knife that has a fairly sharp edge, or the Cricut Tools Craft Spatula with much better success.

Though maybe I need to test for the z-offset… :slight_smile:

thanks for all the help! I’m going to apply all those these suggestions hahaha. The knife that comes with it doesn’t have a blade long enough and the handle bumped up against the edge and the blade itself is rather dull and thick. :smiley:

I like paint knives to get under prints. The second tool from the right (No. 2) is the best thing since sliced bread… for part removal. The bend near the handle allows the blade to stay close to the bed and the proper leverage to push/slide the blade under the part. Just remember don’t pry up… slide the blad around the part to release from the PEI.

Whatever you do, do NOT force it! I did this with a piece that got stuck. Ended up cracking the glass of my bed REALLY bad.

Needless to say I went on break from printing ABS. But as I have experimented with nGen I will be editing the G-Code to offset the Z (probably do around 0.20mm as a start, since this has worked well for my nGen from what I can tell)

You might want to check out the BuildTak Spatula (https://www.buildtak.com/product/buildtak-spatula/). It’s a 90 degree from the blade to the handle, with a rather large blade.

I had the same problem as you, that dang knife’s handle just kept hitting the side of the printer’s bed, but this spatula is rather nice (plus it helps you kept the blade level with the table, and less worried about going in at a harsh angle)