ABS Slurry on Hairspray coated glass bed

I had trouble with the original PET sheet on our TAZ 4. I first used hairspray but it still didn’t give me the stick that I wanted with large parts. I’ve tried a new method that I’m curious if anyone else encountered.

On a bare glass bed I applied a fairly thick layer of hairspray. On top of that I applied a normal amount of ABS slurry. I’ve found that once the bed cools down the parts generally just pop off on their own. Sometimes it takes the hairspray with it but I’m okay with that.

I’m curious to hear other experiences with this.

Printing on a bare glass bed is a Very Bad Idea. Parts can and will adhere well enough to pull up glass slivers off of the bed. Then you buy a new bed. The Taz 4 bed assembly with the heated bed is north of $70 for a new one, plus all the leveling and calibration. I would strongly reccommend not doing that ever personally. Stick a PEI sheet on it if you want a better printing surface.

Add a little more more ABS to your lulzjuice. It’ll stick. Believe me.

Add too much ABS to the lulzjuice, and getting the parts off becomes your problem. :blush:

I hopped over to PEI but I still think that the Slurry + Hairspray worked quite well. Even with a large amount of slurry my parts would come off because the hairspray would come off and is the limited adhesion layer.