ABS sticks to plate like insanity! Help.

Have a Taz 6. But for those filaments that stick “too” well to the pei sheet I like to use blue tape. I find it better than using pva glue in cases like yours because it releases much easier than glue for me. Also I’m never sure if I’m using to little or to much glue. Bottom finish won’t be as nice though.

It works best to remove abs prints with the PEI bed at 50C. The print sticks harder to PEI at printing temp and at room temp than it does at 50C. If you continue to have problems, adjust your Z end stop counter clockwise a quarter turn to lessen the first layer squish a bit. That should help. You might have to run a few test prints at different Z stop settings to get just the right first layer squish.

I second this. A sacrificial boundary layer is best when printing ABS onto PEI.

What kind of tool are you using to remove the parts?

Sounds like the nozzle is too close to the bed. Post a pic of the bottom layer of a project.

To verify, set a .1 Z-offset in your slicer software. If this helps, check that the bed is level, then adjust the Z-endstop knob. Start with a half-turn CCW (away from you while facing machine). I’m sure there’s away to determine the actual distance a full turn of a M4 raises the nozzle height through the pitch and diameter… .75mm possibly?

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