ABS sticks to plate like insanity! Help.

I have noticed my last few prints have been close to impossible to remove from the plate of my TAZ 5. They were smaller items so I broke them. Very frustrating. How do you guys deal with this?

I use a wedge to remove them. Specifically this one:


I tape over the slicy bit with heavy tape, then use it togently work its way under the edge of the part and force it up and away from the bed without damaging the PEI. Works great.

You can drip some alcohol around the perimeter of the part. This will usually break the bond between an ABS part and the PEI bed. (This doesn’t work with PLA.)

Ok ill try that part and the alcohol as well. Thanks for the tips. I am destroying too many prints. Hopefully they work for me.


…And once you drip the alcohol (it works best with a skirt around the part to contain the alcohol as it creeps under the part), be patient. It may take a while to seep under, depending on the size of the part, and you may need to apply it again.

Best if you first apply it when the bed drops to under 50 degrees but not to wait until it’s cold. That seems to help pull it under the part.

For small parts especially, if you wait a little bit you can usually just lift the part off.

The root cause of the ABS sticking to the PEI too well is the nozzle height is too close to the bed.

Give the Z-endstop a quarter turn CCW.

Alternatively, use the Z-offset GCode setting in your slicer to raise the nozzle after homing… use .15 to .3mm. If you need to increase past .3, then adjust your Z-endstop. On the flip side, a negative Z-offset value will lower the nozzle further and increase adhesion… not what you want in your case. :slight_smile: