Accessing Original Firmware for Customization


I would like to provide a custom firmware to my Lulzbot Taz 5 3D printer so that I can use a different extruder. I understand the risks associated with using custom firmware, but I need to make a minor change so that I can couple the printer with a Discov3ry paste extruder. I want to access the current original firmware of the printer to make the change but am having trouble doing so. I’ve been told I have to download it from ( rather than just accessing it through the Cura software we use. However, I do not know how to use the files that I can access from this link because I thought I should be downloading a compressed zipped folder containing all the tabs I should be seeing in Arduino. Does anyone have any experience or tips concerning how I should use the files accessible through the link? Thanks in advance.

Here is the link again:

Try this repository:

Thank you for your help. If I download from this repository, will I have to further modify it to reflect the specific printer brand (Lulzbot) and/or printer version (TAZ 5)? If so, do you know which specific tabs that will appear when opened in Arduino would have to be edited to reflect this? It seemed like the files in the link I shared ( were already very specific to the printer brand and version, but I’m not entirely sure. Thank you.

The link kcchen_00 shared are for the source files where you can make all the changes you want. This is like the raw cookie dough.

gcarril the link you shared is the pre-compiled versions of the firmware. This means you cannot make any changes to those. This is like the baked cookie.

They are both specific to Lulzbot printers versions and tool-heads. One is just the cookie dough and the other the baked cookie.

The main tabs you’ll want to edit will probably be Configuration_LulzBot.h. This is where you select which printer and tool-head you have.

Conditionals_LulzBot.h is where all of your printer specific settings will be.

Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h are where basically everything else is located.

Here’s a guide I found useful for setting up Arduino for compiling firmware for my Taz 5

Thank you! Is there a way to download the firmware for Cura version 21.08 for the Taz 5 printer (single extruder, 0.5 mm nozzle) with Marlin I found this link ( through another post but am having trouble compiling it in Arduino. I am trying to make a very small change in the firmware and would like to know if I could just access the firmware online for this specific printer, cura version, extruder, and Marlin version instead of having to wonder if potential issues are a result of other firmware changes I’d have to make with a more raw version of the firmware.

From that link the file “Marlin_TAZ45_Uaru_1.0.0.1.tar.gz” contains the source code that you can edit.

I’ve downloaded and tried compiling it without making any edits to it to see if it would work normally, but there are errors that prevent it from compiling. Do you have any suggestions? I thought the idea would be that this firmware should be able to be uploaded to the specified printer and Cura software with no issue at least if no changes have been made to it. I want to make sure that there are no issues with it by running it with the printer before attempting customization of it.

The latest stable FW for TAZ5 can be found here: is the corresponding source. should build it for all toolheads (tested under Debian Stretch Linux). In order to buld it you will need to install avr-gcc: