Actual temp lower than Cura sees

Lulzbot mini help:

I tried searching but to no avail. Thanks for your time and insights.

Machine’s about 6 months old and has always worked very well until this morning.

As of today the hot end is about 50C lower than the Cura thinks it is (so a 240C print setting only reaches holds 190). I can get to 240C actual temp if I set Cura to 290 but I’m thinking that’s not the optimal solution. Is there anything that might get clogged that would confuse the software as to actual temp?

You probably have a failing thermistor or heater core. Replacements are inexpensive.

thanks I’ll look into the spares then.

If your machine is only 6 months old, it’s still under warranty. Contact Lulzbot support and they should fix it free of charge. Those guys are awesome! When you buy a lulzbot machine, you’re paying for the support and warranty. Use it.