Taz 6 Hot End will not heat up

It was a gradual decline…first 230…then a week later 220 was the highest temp it would go and after 2 months 190 was its max temp. It stayed at 190 for like 3 months…daily printing at 190 with PLA.

Then a month ago it would only got 140. I did contact Lulzbot support who advised to take a multimeter to the hot end and see if anything was off…but all checked out. With my knowledge of 3d printing some what limited I sent the printer off to a place for repair…explained the situation. They were not able to replicate my problem, printing in abs fine at 240 With Simply3d software. I’m using cura lulzbot ed. So…they send it back to me.

I start up my software ( latest LE cura with updated firmware) and was able to print one small thing in PLA at 190. Using the knob on the machine i was also able to put the hotend temp to 240 and left it for 10 mins…no probs. Start another small print in PLA…and the temp will not go over 140…stuck at 140…exactly like it was before i sent it off to get fixed ! Have an old Win 7 machine with a 4yr old LE cura on it…Printed off a small object !! wohoo it’s working again…!

Print off another small object on the win7 machine, press the button to heat it up…and it’s dead, kaput, no more…a severe lack of any kind of heat.

So slowly degrading…hard to spot by the repair company…and slicer software that seems bypassing safety protocols to get thing printed.

Any idea what’s going on ?..It is a hardware thing me thinks…other than that i’m clueless.

ciao 4 now !

And…i have spare Extruder that’s been swapped in to no avail.