Adhesion Problems with HIPS and Certain Prints

Hi everyone,

Have had great success with our Mini’s but from time to time I get prints that won’t stick.

Using HIPS, 3mm.

Z-height adjustment has been tweaked for optimal performance, with the help of support.

My question is about glue sticks. I have some Purple Elmer’s sticks and I understand that is the best to use. Does it leave a residue on the build plate? If so, how do I remove it?



Yes it leaves a residue, but it’s water soluble. I just use a paper towel with warm water. It will turn back into more of a paste and wipe right off cleanly. Then follow up with a clean, dry paper towel.

Thank you! I presume a new application is needed for each print? Also, just a very light coating?

It doesn’t take much. I generally don’t need it on HIPS, but I have had a few with low bed contact that had issues. It might help with those situations. Another option is printing a raft. Uses more plastic, but has helped me on a few odd prints.