Applying Elmer's Washable School Glue Stick Purple

I have hit and miss experience with applying the stick glue. I have cleaned the build plate with 10% alcohol and water mix and it is nice an smooth. Just don’t know if I am putting down too much and not enough glue. Half way into the print pieces of a multiple copy print start lifting up. I am using Esun Hips from 2015 and a build plate temp or 110C

Also, can you use the glue for multiple prints or do you have to clean the bed and reapply each print?

I was printing six copies of an item. Took some photos of the lifting.
Now I started over printing just three of the same item and all is well so far.
Could the age of the HIPS have any bearing on my problems? Also I don’t have an enclose for the printer. The printer is located in a spare room heated/air conditioned and no drafts as far as I can tell,

Failed to mention nozzle temp is 240 C

Your build plate temp may be a little bit higher than necessary (our profile has it set at 85C for Village Plastics HIPS). You may also be on to something with the age of the filament though. How has the filament been stored? Filament can absorb moisture over time which can cause a fair number of printing issues.
It also might help to see some photos of your failed prints. Seeing the issue directly usually helps clarify the situation. In general I haven’t really found that I need to use glue stick when printing with HIPS, you might try giving your bed a reconditioning and printing directly on the PEI to see if this improves your results.
To recondition your bed, get a spray bottle and mix up 1 part alcohol and 9 parts water. Get some 1500 - 2000 grit sandpaper. Get a sanding block. Spray some of the 1:9 mixture on the bed (get it nice and wet. Just make sure that your printer is turned off and unplugged). With the sandpaper on the sanding block, wet sand the entire bed until you see a slight whitish film, then stop. Clean the bed good using the same mixture with a clean cloth. This process will last a good while. I know this sounds a little strange but it does work really well.