Adjust squash through G-Code?


I’m still fairly new to the TAZ5 printer.

With other printers, its possible to adjust squash through G-code (M212 to adjust height for auto-probe). With the great adhesion of the PEI bed, it seems squash is the key to how well a project sticks to the bed. Once the bed is level and the initial nozzle height is achieved mechanically, it would be nice to be able to adjust the squash through a g-code start script.

For instance a large ABS project may not need as much squash because of the area touching the print bed. A smaller ABS project may need more squash, again because the area on the bed is smaller. With PLA / Ninjaflex, since they stick so well, have less squash. For each of these scenarios, I’d like the ability to add commands into the G-code start scripts to adjust the squash.

From other branches of Marlin firmware, M211 or M565 seems to adjust the nozzle height offset after end stops? But it seemed to be locked the one time I tried it in the terminal. Is there another command I’m missing?

EDIT: A quick google search came up with M206 as a parameter to set home offset also. Again, any further guidance would be appreciated!