Anyone else having issues printing "fill"filament on standard profile?

My lulzbot mini prints with no issue any standard filament, but I am having a hard time with “wood fill”, “bronzefill”, “ironfill”, etc-fill filaments.

Proto pasta and Colorfabb.

Filament grinds somewhere in the process. Assuming a clog.Sometimes soon, sometimes mid. It ALWAYS happens. My idle tension is around 8mm of space between the washers of the screws. All other hardware stock on mini.

Printing on settings as dictated by Cura 21.08 for that specific material. I choose it from the dropdown for easy settings.

All of the “fill” style filaments are difficult to print. They are basically pla with extra stuff in it. That stuff alters the thermal profile considerably. A larger nozzle helps.

So the settings on cura not optimized? I noticed many have the temp somewhat low, which could lead to grinding. Higher temps less grinding?

Assuming I don’t mess with retraction.