print messed up but then fixed its self?

I would like to start off by asking if this looks more like a problem with the filament, hardware or the software I’m using cura and have been using these same settings for similar prints for weeks. it does not appear to be grinding because it corrected its self after the meltdown and printed the part perfectly fine on the top part of the print and I have been using cheetah for a while now with no problems so I would like to know your thoughts on what happened

Flow became a problem for a while, but then fixed itself. There can be several causes. The most likely is a bad section of fillament that ended up too narrow for the idler tension setting you were using. Tightening the idler beyond 8mm can help with that. It could also be a thermistor or heater core temporary short isssue. if the electricals were reporting a higher temperature than they actually reached, the plastic may not melt enough to flow. This can be caused by fans, failing components, or bad wire. It could also be over extrusion causing stripping that led to fillament being partially stripped, and it just took that many layers to recover. Since the thinner corner sections are however largely intact, i don’ t think that one is likely here.

It could also be extruder driver chip overheating if the control box fan was not operational for a while, or froze up due to overheating and then restarted. Usually you only see that in an enclosed system that has the controller board in the enclosure though.

I was looking in the wrong place I thought it had to do with the printer but I think it was just the filament that got tangled on the spool. I have a new 5 lb. spool that I have been using and I think that all that filament just was heavy and couldn’t roll because of it.