Anyone tried Laywoo/LayBrick Filament on TAZ 3?

Hi, I have a Lulzbot TAZ 3.0 and am interested in getting some filaments. Has anyone tried Laywoo and LayBrick on a TAZ 3.0? Or any other wood/mineral based filaments like Woodfill/Bamboofill by ColorFabb? Really appreciate if anyone replies :slight_smile:

It works well, they do tend to gum up the extruder somewhat though and they do wear the nozzle down over time. You want at a minimum a 0,5mm nozzle, and I would recommend putting together a dedicated “just wood or specialty filament” toolhead and swapping it in when you print that kind of filament. The sand ones are particularily rough on the nozzle.

Thanks! How about the other wood filaments like EasyWood by formfutura?