anyone using craftware with mini?

so i get it all ready to slice with craftware, and then it cant find the printer. so it needs a gcode. i get the hips profile try and load that up into craftware. it just sits at online, busy and does nothing. can craftware work with lulzbot? trying different slicers to see what i like. resisting simplfy3d for the moment. 150 was not in the budget. i can use some guidance.

Ok i did 2 prints of makers muse test print. the first was simplify3d set to middle quality, lulzbot mini, abs. there was no hips setting and i did not want to monkey around with it. extruder 230, bed 90. 2hr 37m. Second set was with cura 21.02 set to standard quality, lulzbot mini, hips, extruder 250, bed 110, 2hr 43m. both missed the small third strut on the right side. still trying to get something on craftware. totally new to this so trying to gcode things is out of the question for now. i am including the photos.

Hey, I realize this is an old post but I was curious since you did the side-by side testing if you saw any significant difference in print time with the different slicers.